T H E  P E N T A C L E  A P P R O A C H

           Design, Design, Design ...


Our programmes are designed in 'virtual' teams by  people with the broadest range of experience and expertise (Financiers, Designers, Marketeers, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Sociologists, Strategists, ...)

Our organisation is very simple because it is entirely based on the New World concepts that we teach. Pentacle is composed of a core team plus a virtual team of expert speakers from various backgrounds: global management gurus,  business school professors, top-flight executives... Everyone is involved case by case, project by project, according to needs.

This approach allows us to handle a broad spectrum of projects while providing our customers with the cream of talent every time. Only a virtual structure like ours allows this level of performance.

This virtual structure means that we can do away with costly (to you) administration and support. Your first point of contact with us will remain the same in order to build trust and understanding.

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Our Values

We are not ‘management intellectuals’. We are not consultants. We practice what we preach. Our tutors have all worked in the field, with practical experience and real success stories behind them.

 We ban blah, blah, blah. We pursue a cult of efficiency and practicality. Everything we do is aimed at concrete results in terms of business, culture change and personal development

 We venerate humour, innovative thinking, passion, teamwork, and quality of human relations.

 We are present in “real space” as well as cyberspace. For us, distance education is not about reformatting paper documents to use on the internet; it is about creating learning that is appropriate to the needs of the user.

 We offer fresh, not frozen or warmed-up thinking that is past its sell-by-date. We develop our own concepts, our own methods, our own tools, adapted to today's reality: there are no MBA case studies here.